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Context & Purpose

The purpose of this Wiki is to gather and maintain a common information source pertaining to our cause.

Presently, there is little awareness by government, policy makers or the general public of the issues caused to Australians through the US practices of Citizenship-based taxation. Consequently, to affect change, we first need to educate Policy Makers and influencers such as the Media. To do this, it will be important to create a defensible evidence base in support of our position.

There are many advantages of having a well-considered evidence base, including:

  • Readily available, documented and clear factual support for our cause
  • Common knowledge source
  • Clear (single / common) messages rather than risk of confusing mixed facts and figures
  • Foundations for development of Media and Policy Maker engagement kits
  • Member education and assistance

This evidence base will be maintained within this Wiki and will take a number of forms including 1) Online educational source (Main Wiki pages) with hyperlinked references, 2) White Papers – well thought-out and researched position papers on specific elements of the issue, 3) List of Resources (internal & external) and 4) Glossary / List of Acronyms.

Evidence Base Requirements

Evidence generation should satisfy the following criteria (modified, after Unicef Advocacy Toolkit)

  1. Is the evidence grounded in solid research, preferably undertaken by experts?
    • Clear evidence – scale, severity, impact on lives
    • Based on research and rigour
    • “killer” statistics
  2. Does the evidence highlight the root causes of the problem?
  3. Does the evidence provide convincing solutions to the problem?
    • Feasible solutions … Reliable & relevant
  4. Is the evidence complimented with qualitative analysis when it is quantitative, and vice versa?
  5. Is the evidence complimented by human impact stories that highlight the personal and human dimensions of the problem
  6. Can the evidence be easily disseminated?
  7. Is the evidence timely?
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