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Welcome to the Let's Fix the Tax Treaty! Wiki. Here you'll find information pertaining to the US practice of citizenship-based taxation on Australian residents and citizens.

Context & Purpose

The purpose of this Wiki is to gather and maintain a common information source pertaining to our cause. The purpose of the Let's Fix the Tax Treaty! group is to influence the Australian Government to resist unfair and unjust US extra-territorial taxation. Let’s Fix the Tax Treaty! advocates for the Australian Government to renegotiate the under-pinning legacy tax treaties and intergovernmental agreements to provide a fair go for all Australians.

Presently, there is little awareness by government, policy makers or the general public of the issues caused to Australians through the US practices of Citizenship-based taxation. Consequently, to affect change, we first need to educate Policy Makers and influencers such as the Media. To do this, it will be important to create a defensible evidence base in support of our position.

There are many advantages of having a well-considered evidence base, including:

  • Readily available, documented and clear factual support for our cause
  • Common knowledge source
  • Clear (single / common) messages rather than risk of confusing mixed facts and figures
  • Foundations for development of Media and Policy Maker engagement kits
  • Member education and assistance

This evidence base will be maintained within this Wiki and will take a number of forms including 1) Online educational source (Main Wiki pages) with hyperlinked references, 2) White Papers – well thought-out and researched position papers on specific elements of the issue, 3) List of Resources (internal & external) and 4) Glossary / List of Acronyms.

Becoming a Wiki Editor

This Wiki is intended to be a volunteer created resource. Anyone can request to become an editor and create relevant content, subject to the rules and controls described below.

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