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Australian FATCA Implementation

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Parlimentary Review & Legislation

Government consideration of FATCA in Australia was rushed. As such, it is debatable whether the FATCA IGA was properly analysed and debated before being implemented, particularly from the impacted individuals point of view. Clearly, Australian businesses had much to loose and mobilised the business lobby resources to push the required FATCA changes through.

The Australian Government was forced to have the IGA and associated legislation in place by the imposed US legislated an FATCA deadline of 1 July 2014. Given the potential material financial penalties faced by impacted Australian businesses, the Parliamentary Committee on Treaties was urged to expedite consideration of the FATCA IGA by the (then) Australian Treasurer, Joe Hockey. In May 2014, the Parliamentary Committee on Treaties recommended that binding treaty action be taken despite concerns, stating1):

"The Committee, despite reservations about the Agreement, appreciates that 
it makes the best of a less than satisfactory situation."
Source: Australian Parliment Joint Standing Committee on Treaties, Interim Report on the Agreement between the Government of Australia and the Government of the United States of America to Improve International Tax Compliance and Implement FATCA, 13 May 2014, Report
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