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 === Relevant Documents === === Relevant Documents ===
 +Tax Court vs Dixon is an ongoing US tax court case between an Australian resident US Person and IRS.  This case is scheduled to go to court in late Sept 2020.  Amongst other things, this case is worth monitoring as the IRS has reserved the right to rule on the taxation of Australian Super.  If they do this, it may be the first official IRS position on US taxation of Australian Superannuation.
 Tax Court case Dixon vs US: Tax Court case Dixon vs US:
   * [[https://www.ustaxcourt.gov/UstcDockInq/DocketDisplay.aspx?DocketNo=19013874|Tax Court Docket]]   * [[https://www.ustaxcourt.gov/UstcDockInq/DocketDisplay.aspx?DocketNo=19013874|Tax Court Docket]]
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