There are two separate processes to follow. First one must renounce or relinquish US citizenship - which gives up the right to live, work and vote in the US as well as the right to a US passport. This process is governed by US nationality law. Then there is the process of exiting the US tax system – this is governed by the Internal Revenue Code.

Losing US Citizenship

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Exiting the US Tax System

Expatriation Rules

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Final Compliance

When: The final return is filed on the due date for calendar year returns covering the year in which you renounced. If you renounced in 2018, your final return is due 15 June 2019 (or later if that's not a business day). You must wait until 2018 forms are released in January 2019 before you can file.

What: You file a dual status return and attach form 8854 to your return. File a copy of form 8854 to the Philadelphia address in the form 8854 instructions.

What's a dual status return? See

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