Becoming a Wiki Editor

It is intended for this Wiki to be developed through volunteer efforts by the Fix the Tax Treaty! community. However, to ensure that submitted Wiki material is appropriate and on-topic, a number of controls are in-place.

This section aims to provide:

  1. The process by which you can become a Wiki editor
  2. Editorial rules
  3. Wiki content guidelines
  4. Moderation and Review
  5. Education links to “how-to” manuals & tutorials on the DokuWiki software and how the mark-up language works, so that new editors can get up and running as fast as possible!

1. How to become a Wiki Editor.

The FTT Wiki is not open to be edited by the general public. To add or modify content, you first must apply and be approved as an Editor by the FTT Administrators. Once approved, the Admins will set-up your Wiki edit rights and notify you with login details.

If you have fully read this page and wish to become an Editor, please:

  1. Send an Email request to become an Editor to
  2. Email content should include
    • name (alias acceptable)
    • short summary about you (be sure to include this if you wish to use an alias)
    • statement of interest in becoming an editor plus suggested content ideas that you wish to pursue would be quite useful!
    • your return contact email address
  3. Admins will seek to respond as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.
  4. Once you have been approved as an Editor, you will be provided a log-in name and a temporary password.
  5. Go to and log-in from the menu bar found at the upper right of your window.
  6. Once Logged-in, click the “Update Profile” task from the upper right menu. From here, you will be able to reset your password away from the temporary one sent you.

2. Editorial Rules

  • Editors must log-in using the log-in username provided.
  • Editors are provided rights privileges to add, modify or delete content including pages.
  • Editors cannot change the the overall Wiki Structure although improvement suggestions are welcome via Email.
  • Editors also cannot add plug-ins or make system changes; if there is something you think would be useful, talk to the Admins via email.
  • Wiki Content must be consistent with guidelines below
  • Generally, it is considered bad form for an Editor to delete content added by others although corrections, clarifications and appropriate wordsmithing is welcome.
  • No advertising or commercial links allowed
  • When adding new content, don't forget to consider whether to add appropriate references to the Glossary & Acronyms and Index pages.

3. Wiki Content Guidelines

The purpose of the Let's Fix the Tax Treaty! group is to influence the Australian Government to resist unfair and unjust US extra-territorial taxation. Information within this Wiki must be consistent with the group's purpose. It is not intended for this Wiki to become a detailed US Citizenship-based Taxation knowledge base. However, information directly relevant to the FTT Stakeholder group may be considered relevant and worthy of inclusion into the Wiki.

The FTT Wiki is intended to to be complementary to the Let's Fix the Tax Treaty! website and the Facebook page. Redundancy and overlap is to be avoided. Links to relevant FTT website content are encouraged.

The Wiki aims to present on-topic and quality (accurate and verifiable) information. No “fake” news or stats! We intend to use this information to support our cause so it is important that all information is fact based, verifiable and with sources as appropriate.

Before adding content, please consider whether your planned information meets the Evidence Base Requirements listed below.

Evidence Base Requirements

Evidence generation should satisfy the following criteria (modified, after Unicef Advocacy Toolkit)

  1. Is the evidence grounded in solid research, preferably undertaken by experts?
    • Clear evidence – scale, severity, impact on lives
    • Based on research and rigour
    • “Killer” statistics
  2. Does the evidence highlight the root causes of the problem?
  3. Does the evidence provide convincing solutions to the problem?
    • Feasible solutions … Reliable & relevant
  4. Is the evidence complimented with qualitative analysis when it is quantitative, and vice versa?
  5. Is the evidence complimented by human impact stories that highlight the personal and human dimensions of the problem
  6. Can the evidence be easily disseminated?
  7. Is the evidence timely?

4. Moderation & Review

The FTT Wiki is moderated by the Admins. The Admins have full authority to decide what content is appropriate and to edit additions, if required. Admin decisions are final.

Software features have been enabled that requires Admin review and approval before any Wiki changes go live to the public. There is no need to notify Admins of your changes as this is handled by the software.

In general, if your content is not approved or major revisions made, the Admin will seek to provide you context for that decision via email.

5. Learning DokuWiki

The Wiki is based on open-source DokuWiki software.

DokuWiki uses a mark-up plain text language which is parsed by the software to create the formatted text seen within the Wiki. Please take the time to read the manual on this and perhaps search for videos and tutorials. A toolbar with common formatting speeds this process for the new user. If you have not used a mark-up language, it may seem a bit odd at first but you will quickly get the hang of it.

Another useful tip is, whenever you are editing a page, open the green syntax link at the very top of the page for mark-up language help.

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